Buying your baby’sfirst walking shoes is the single, most important thing we, parents should take seriously.Finding the right baby shoes size could be tricky. Make sure you consider the following when buying the shoes for your walking toddler:

• Did the shoe fit in easily
• Is the sole slippery
• Is there at least ½ thumb space between toes and top of the shoe
• Does my baby look comfortable – no red marks or swollen feet after you take shoes off
• Does the shoe show any sign of wear after those few first steps

it is alaways better to get bigger size so your baby’s feet will be more comfortable and the shoes will fit them for longer period of time 

Babies should not “break in” their shoes. In fact, there should be ½-1 thumb-width between your baby’s big toe and the top of the shoe. You want your infant to be comfortable and stable. Babies grow fast – you also want those shoes to last him for at least couple of months. Look at our baby shoe size chart and find the right baby shoe size for your sweet baby toddler. If you have any questions about your baby shoe size please contact us , so we can help you. Look the chart below


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