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Pletuko Shoes Inspired by Baby Boy First Steps


 Alex the inspiration of pletuko baby shoes
Pletuko’s Baby Shoes started in 2006 with the birth of our son, Alex, and his first steps. As all parents, we wanted the best for him, so we started looking for the most comfortable pair of baby walking shoes on the market. We knew pediatricians recommended barefoot walking, so we looked for soft sole shoes. To our disappointment, our options were limited. The comfortable shoes for kids and baby walking shoes offered on the market were mainly leather soled. They were sweating his little feet and were not durable. They were also way too expensive, or we simply did not like the design. 

We decided to do some research about what would replace the leather sole best, and came up with the idea that rubber textured sole would be equally comfortable, yet, more durable and safer. That is how PLETUKO’s walking shoes were born. Made with soft non-toxic genuine leather, and slip-resistant flexible soft rubber sole, our shoes are the closest to barefoot walking, yet are very comfortable, safe, and durable for indoor and outdoor activities. 

Our little one, Alex, loved the cute colorful walking shoes and by 9 months old, he was already walking great. We are pleased and happy to share the very first steps of your child simply by designing the best baby walking shoes on the market. 

Maria & Peter

PLETUKO Gives Back 

Giving back is very important to our company, and we are very passionate about helping other kids in need. We donate money to  Feed The Children, organization, which provides food to starving kids around the globe.

We are dedicated to give a dollar back for each pair of shoes we sell to those in need. By buying a pair of our baby walking shoes, you will give a child enough food for 5 days. Lets make a difference together. 


Dear Pletuko Baby Shoes,

Thanks so much for your gift . Your donations will help send boxes filled with nutritious food to feed hungry children and their families.

Because of compassionate friends like you, Feed The Children is able to make a huge difference in many lives!

Your generosity -- when combined with other caring friends like you -- makes it possible for us to help more children than we ever thought possible! We deeply appreciate your kindness. And, believe me, your help couldn't have come at a better time for hungry children!

The children are counting on us, my friend!

For the children,

Rick England
Chairman of the Board
Feed The Children