The Truth about Used Shoes

A lot of people think that giving away ‘soft baby shoes” to relative who have new babies or to the newest member of the family is okay. Yes, the intention may be pure, the savings may be great but its effect may be dangerous. Considering the fact that different people have different feet, a baby needs to wear new shoes to fit them well. A hand me down baby shoe may not be a good idea as it already has its own form, there form of its previous owner and this form may not work well with the form of that of your baby’s feet.

Another reason as to why old “soft baby shoes” are not that great to pass around is due to its material. Most baby shoes tend to be very earth-friendly, they get old fast. The sole may not be that thick anymore, the softness may not be the same as it was when it was still new and these little things will surely have a big effect on your little one. As much as possible, make it a point to buy a new shoe for your baby. It does not have to be expensive, as baby’s do not know the difference between $1 and$100.

Considering how tough times are these days, it would be great to cut expenses on this and that. But as a responsible parent, be sure to never cut corners when it comes to the health and development of your baby. Anew” soft baby shoes” will serve as a good investment as it will not only last longer but it will protect and aid your baby as he learns to walk the walk and talk the talk.

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