The No-Nos of Infant Shoes

The world of infant shoes is not as easy as it seems to be. Ask first time parents and they will surely have a thing or two to say about these types of shoes. There are stories about buying the wrong shoes, overspending on a purchase and worst, injuries brought about by these mistakes. To stop repeating these errors, below are the top 3 of the biggest no-nos when it comes to baby shoes:

No rushing of things

When it comes to “soft baby shoes”, there is no need to rush things. As much as possible, make it a point to wait for the time when your baby is in dire need to have shoes before making them wear one. Remember that your baby will develop their walking skills best by making them go barefoot and it’s not until 2 or 3 years later when the arch of their foot develops thus the need for sophisticated shoes is really not to be rushed about.

No used shoes please

Avoid used toddler shoes at all cost. They are not only hazardous to your child’s health, but they can also cause more trouble than blessing. While the idea of saving on the upfront cost of the shoe may sound very appealing, it must be noted that there are a lot of negative things that come along with used shoes, some of them include inherited foot problems and hindrance in foot development.

No settling for less

Do not ever make your baby settle for less, be it about “soft baby shoes” or not. Remember that they are the ones who will wear the shoes that you will buy, give them a voice in the purchase by taking them along with you when you are shopping you if you are into online purchases, make them choose what they want as they are most likely to pick lively colors and wacky designs.

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