Why used shoes are dangerous for your baby?

A person’s gait is similar to its fingerprint, no two are alike. You have your own unique gait in the same way that the person sitting next to you has its personal gait as well. However, there are times when one inherits another person’s foot issues, gait and all. This is due to the passing around of stuff like “Leather baby shoes” for reasons like saving or it’s just too precious to throw away. The catch about using used shoes is that the benefactor is more likely to receive not just the shoes but the problems that come along with it.

Poor Foot Development

This is one of the many downsides that come along with passing down “Leather baby shoes” from one baby to another. Used leather is not just the same as a new one as there is surely wear and tear caused by the previous wearer. This wear and tear, no matter how small it may seem will have big effects on the new user. Remember that the first 5 years of your baby’s life is the most crucial time for foot development as this is the moment when you child’s feet grow dramatically thus there will be a lot of physical changes and mental coping on how to use these changes to help your child take full advantage of their newly acquired skills.


Not all inheritances are good; there are inheritances where the receiver ends up on the losing end. Take the case of used “Leather baby shoes” where there is a great chance that the one who receives the shoes is more likely to receive the shoe problems that the previous user may have had. Saving is a good thing but if the saving of money means depriving your child of his or her right to reach the full potential of her foot development then it is a very unwise decision.

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