The best way of Cleaning Baby Walking Shoes

Buying baby walking shoes is just one part of the job, another part is maintaining it. Most parents buy cheap shoes as they are easy to replace. But this is a wrong idea as cheap baby shoes can be very harmful to your child’s developing feet. Investing in a good baby shoes is the best way to go as you get to ensure your child’s safety and development without burning a big hole in your pocket as the need to replace it will not arise anytime soon.

The first step in cleaning leather baby walking shoes is by thoroughly wiping it or brushing it with a soft cotton cloth. Make it a point to brush vigorously to ensure that dust, debris and grime are loosened. Shake off the dust by gently tapping the shoes into each other.

Next step in cleaning baby walking shoes would be to pour olive oil in the specific part of the shoe that needs conditioning. Using your finger, work the oil in the area that way the damaged part will absorb the oil. It would be best if you bend the shoe to make sure that its pores open up thus giving the oil a better chance to penetrate in the damaged area.

Set the shoes aside for half an hour. After that, wipe off the excess olive oil with another cotton cloth. Then, apply a leather cleaning solution in your baby walking shoes. You can buy an over the counter solution or you can create one by combining water, olive oil, essential oils, castile soap and grape fruit seed extract in a small spray bottle. Carefully spray the solution in the shoes and wipe it again like in the first two steps with the olive oil. Save this home made solution as you can use it for your other leather items.

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