How to clean Soft Soled Baby Shoes

Most parents think of cleaning baby soft shoes as a great endeavour. Considering that fact that these types of shoes play a very important role in honing your child’s  motor skills, it is but proper to clean and wash them in the most appropriate way possible. Below are tips that are sure to make the task of washing baby soft shoes easier and faster.

Clean the outer area of your baby soft shoes using a mild detergent. Use a clean damp cloth and gently rub off the surface to get rid of dirt, scratches, stains or spills.

For the inner sole of the shoes, running water, damp cloth and the mild detergent will help you rub the soles of the shoes and eventually remove dirt and stuff that your child may have stepped in.

If you prefer machine wash, just make sure it is on a gentle cycle. But you need to take note that constant machine wash may cause damage or shorten the life of your baby soft shoes. But if it is just occasional machine washing of these shoes, no serious damage can be done at all.

If you want to speed up the drying process of your baby soft shoes, stuff it with paper towels or simply air dry it.

The demand for easily cleaned baby soft shoes is carefully considered by Pletuko Baby Shoes. Each and every pair is made out of carefully chosen natural materials that are sure to be comfortable and safe for your baby’s tender foot as well as easy for you to clean.

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