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As the famous English saying goes, ‘morning shows the day’, it is so true lets cull out why. It seems as if one day your little one is just learning to roll over – and the next they’re preparing to explore the world on their own two feet. Going from crawling to cruising, and finally mastering the art of walking unassisted is one of the biggest milestones in your baby’s outset year. This for sure is one of the most exciting and memorable moments for parents – and simultaneously the most stressful! Suddenly your child’s world is a lot more accessible, which takes baby-proofing and safety to a new level.

Baby Leather shoes with zipper

Baby Leather shoes

With the above in mind, there are times when barefoot isn’t best. Toddlers may spend time walking on tile or hardwood floors, where they will need some traction to keep from slipping and falling. Toddlers may also spend more time outside, where they may want to explore terrain that is less stable, such as uneven ground, concrete, or areas with sticks or rocks that may hurt the soles of their feet. While exploring in these conditions, it is appropriate for your new toddler to have flexible, protective footwear designed for the earliest stage of walking.

Baby shoes for walking

Baby Walking shoes

Before you head out and buy new baby walking shoes for your child, make sure he or she is ready to start taking on the world. Most babies need half a dozen weeks or more of practice before they begin to feel confident on their feet. During this period, its better if their walking be confined to safe, stable areas where they can work on their new skills and gain the confidence they will need to take on more challenging terrain in the weeks to come. As with all things, every baby is different, and no one knows their child better than mom and dad. Watch your child’s progress; when they seem to have mastered the first stage of balance and coordination, celebrate this great milestone with a trip to pick out their first pair of new baby walking shoes!
Shoes are meant to protect your baby’s feet, especially as she begins to walk outside, and don’t help her learn to walk any faster. In fact, especially if they aren’t flexible or don’t have non-skid soles, many baby shoes can actually make it harder for your baby to take her first steps.

So try to be the best parent possible so that when your child blossoms he/she blossoms to become agile. Hence, baby or baby girl footwear is so very important.

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    Infants are one of the most loved ones in the world, they are very delicate and soft so as their shoes. I am truly satisfied with the quality of your products

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