Selecting Shoes: Guide in Buying Baby Shoes

Buying leather baby shoes is a very challenging task for new parents who do not know where and how to start. Deciding can be daunting and sometimes, wrong choice can mean harm to your child’s feet. In line with this fact, below are the guidelines that would make any parent, old or new understand the basics of shoe shopping for their little ones.


Cute booties for a newborn is okay but buying baby leather shoes for a child who does not even know how to walk yet is a big no-no. Remember that your child learns best about walking by going barefoot.  The next best thing to going barefoot is making him wear comfortable shoes but not when your baby does not know how to use it yet.


This is another aspect of leather baby shoes buying that makes parents worry. The best solution in getting the right size of shoes for your baby would be to bring them along while you go shopping. Make your baby try the shoes and insert a finger on the heel part as the extra space will allow extra room for growth as your baby’s feet is continuously developing.


In the first 3 years of your kid’s life, feet development is very rapid. Matter of fact, growth is estimated to be at half-size in every couple of months. In line with this, it would be best to check your baby’s feet every now and then. Also, you can opt to buy inexpensive leather baby shoes but of high quality as your baby will surely outgrow the new shoe in a month or two.

Other than these three, there are a lot more of factors to be considered when looking for leather baby shoes. For instance, your preferences comes into the picture in the same way that your budget and the like. This is why buying shoes should never be taken for granted as this is as huge as buying a real estate or a car, after all it is for your baby.

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