Review of Pletuko shoes

When I was a new mom I found myself overly obsessed with everything to protect my new baby. Organic foods, chlorine free diapers, clothing without crazy bans on their inks! As time passed, I eased up a bit, but one thing that I never let go of was protecting my baby’s feet. Both with my son, then 2 years after for my new daughter, I researched and spent a small fortune on shoes I knew would both protect my baby’s feet and preserve their natural arch and of course be fashionable!

There are many kinds of leather baby shoes, but unfortunately the affordable ones tend to be poorly constructed and for lack of a better word “cheap”, all around.

The amazingly great thing about Pletuko leather toddler shoes is they are all you need to protect your baby’s feet without going broke and sacrificing that bit of style that you’ve started to pass on to your new little walkers.

Guest Blogger – Nicole Pereira

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