Pletuko Baby Shoes-Review

Baby Need a New Pair of Shoes? Pletuko Baby Shoes are Sturdy and Stylish!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
pletuko baby shoes

This is Olivia sporting a new pair of Pletuko Baby Shoes! This girl is on the run all the time and she needs lightweight, supportive, and comfortable footwear. The bonus is these are super cute too!

Pletuko Baby Shoes are made from 100% non-toxic soft leather and are designed to support healthy feet development.  The soft textured, slip-resistant rubber sole allows for comfort and protection from whatever crazy surface those little feet are mastering. With a snug velcro strap, there’s no tripping over untied laces either!

pletuko baby shoes1

The quality materials and attention to detail make these shoes comfortable for baby’s feet. You can easily see the tight, even hand-sewn stitching around the edge of these shoes and the firm wrap of the velcro across the top of the foot. There’s no awkward movements to account for heavy or ill-fitting footwear. Olivia can keep right on going upstairs, downstairs, all around the house with these baby shoes. It’s obvious from watching her trek around that she’s completely unaware she’s even wearing shoes. She continues on her route without slowing down for thresholds, grooved tile, carpet, or throw rugs. She can faintly feel the solid surface beneathe her feet and is able accomodate her footing easily with these light, well-designed shoes on her feet.

Pletuko Baby Shoes offers a wide variety of different designs for both boys and girls. These adorable pink and white shoes are the Lady Bug and are priced at just $29.99! Without paying crazy prices, you can have the confidence that baby’s first walking shoes will offer the support and protection needed to help your little one get a solid footing with Pletuko Baby Shoes!

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