Measuring Guide for Baby Shoes

From birth up to 3 years of age, your child’s body experience rapid development. Take the case of the feet where the growth is estimated to be at about half size in every two months. This rapid growth is both a boon and a bane as parents find themselves shopping for leather baby shoes time and time again. This is why getting the right measurement is essential as it can help make or break your baby shoe shopping. Getting the exact size of your child’s feet is equal to getting the right shoes for them. As a result, they will get shoes that will protect their feet without making them feel uncomfortable. Also it must be noted that getting the right fit means delaying unnecessary purchase of new shoes time and again as allowance and room for growth is part of its many benefits.

Whether you are buying regular baby shoes or leather baby shoes, the best way to measure your child’s foot would be to put socks on it first and measure it from one end up to the other end. Make sure that your child is not curling his toe as babies usually engage in toe-curling. To avoid this situation, it would be best to make you child stand straight that way his weight is on his feet. While there is a standard chart for sizing, remember that the chart of one manufacturer may not be exactly the same as that of the other. Thus it would be wise to present your the measurement of your child’s feet to the salesperson that way they can point you to the right shoes with the right fit for your baby.

If you are buying leather baby shoes as a gift or for a baby’s future use, it would be best to stick to the stages of development chart to help you in making a decision. For instance, the crib stage is when the child is from 0 to 6 months. At this time, soft shoes of about size 2 or less are the best. The crawling stage is when babies start to wear size 3 shoes with protective but soft soles. The walking stage is when they reach the age of 9 months to 3 years so breathable and durable baby shoes would be the best choice.

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