Measuring By Stages

The moment your child starts walking, the need to look for soft toddler shoes begins. Yes, going barefoot may be the best way to develop your child’s feet, but it must be noted that when your child starts to walk, protection against dirty floors, rough surfaces, hot pavement and the like is your main priority therefore making them wear shoes, soft shoes is your best bet.

One of the most important aspects of buying shoes is a measurement. Remember that your child is still on the process of learning the skills and a bad shoe can hinder the speed of the learning process. What you want is to get a shoe that looks good and feels good as well. While the best way to measure the feet is to make your btheaby stand straight where their weight is evenly distributed, there are times when one has to rely on charts. In cases like this, understanding the need of the baby along with the age can be your best weapon in getting the right shoe for your baby.

The first stage in your baby’s life is from birth to 6 months. This stage is known as the “Crib Stage”. At this point, the life of your kid is between your arms and the crib. You can alternate between soft baby shoes and barefoot at this stage since most of the walking will take place indoors. When going out, make them wear size 2 shoes which are not only soft but lightweight as well.

Next stage in a baby’s life is known as the “Crawling stage”. This stage is when babies need to wear soft and lightweight shoes with soles. It is like upgrading the “Crib Stage” shoes to a size a bit bigger with extra protection which comes in the form of a sole.

The moment your child enters the “Walking Stage” at the age of nine months up to three years, a stronger shoe is then needed though it must be noted that they must be as comfortable and breathable as that of the soft baby shoes. Durable shoes with breathable materials are the best choice for this stage of feet development.

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