Baby Shoes made of leather

Your child is not going to wear their leather baby shoes forever. As a matter of fact, the shelf life of these types of shoes is so short unless you have a new baby in the family. Giving it away to other people means departing with it forever but leaving them on the attic is as good as throwing them away.

Bronzing your leather baby shoes is the best solution to this problem. Yes, they may not be wearable again but at least you get to keep them, display them or show them to your baby when theyâre old enough. There are two ways to bronze shoes; first one is by going to a shop that does bronzing. They will use chemicals to professionally electroplate the shoes. Another way to do it is by DIY method.

Whether you choose to bronze leather baby shoes professionally or by yourself, the result will be worth the effort. Ten or 20 years from now, you will think of it as one of the best things you ever did as you were able to keep the shoes where your child took his or her first steps.

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