Don’ts and Dos of Baby Shoes

Shopping for “baby walking shoes” can be a stressful activity if you do not know where and how to start. First time parents find it difficult the most though it must be noted that not all repeat parents know the basic pointers when it comes to shoe shopping for their little ones. Neglecting the proper way of choosing your baby’s shoes is like crippling your precious child as a bad shoe can hinder them from walking properly.

For instance, DON’T think that all “baby walking shoes” are created equal. Remember that there is no standard sizing as a UK size may be different from that of an American size. DO make it a point to measure your child’s feet instead that way you get to determine the size by telling the seller what the exact measurement of the feet is.

DO make it point to have your child move around and walk away while trying on a new shoe. This will give you a clear idea as to how the performance of the shoe will be in the future when being used. DON”T stop at making them standard sit with the “baby walking shoes” on. Yes, the measurement maybe made when standing but comfort is determined by making your child walk a few paces and feel the shoe if it is the right one.

DON’T purchase synthetic materials for your “baby walking shoes”. Remember that man-made materials can be harmful on your baby’s skin. DO stick with natural materials as they are perfect for your child since they are not only breathable but they are also very soft and can easily be molded into your child’s feet.


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