Cleaning Tips for Babies Shoes

One of the best ways to lengthen the shelf life of your baby’s “soft baby shoes” is to care for it properly. Yes, there may be a lot of baby shoes out in the market but buying every now and then would be very impractical as some cost a lot and the other ones who are cheap may have price that will add up and in turn cost more.

The best way to clean your “soft baby shoes” would be to spot clean it using mild soap and a soft damp cloth. The detergent to be used must be mild as harsh chemicals, no matter how small the residue may be can cause serious damage to your child’s shoes and worst, feet.

However, there are times when the need for an over all cleaning arises as your baby may wonder off on extremely soily parts of the park or the scuffs and marks are just hard to remove. In cases like this, it would be best to machine wash the soft baby shoes. Place your washing machine in a delicate cycle mode with a mild detergent. Remember to do away from ironing or bleaching as it will cause marks and wrinkles that will damage the over all appearance of the shoes. If your child shoes are starting to lose its shape, inserting a soup spoon on the shoes is the best way to give the old shoe its new shape.

Another way to add shape to “soft baby shoes” is by adding white paper inside it. Make sure that the paper is soft enough and watch out if it is wet as it will surely affect your child’s foot. In terms of sole care, make it a point to check the worn out area every now and then and to brush or sandpaper these worn out areas to help restore it in its original state.

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