Choose the right pair of walking shoes for your baby with our online services

Shoes are the primary concern when a baby begins to walk. They offer support to baby’s tender feet. It is necessary to be watchful for the parents while purchasing footwear for the first walk of their baby. They should purchase baby walking shoes recommended by pediatricians. While walking on the ground, sole for shoes should not let them slip and provide a gentle and comfortable base beyond. The shoe must be soft textured supported by a rubber sole with flexibility. It should be playful and colorful.

Pletuko Baby Walking Shoes are made up of soft, non-toxic and genuine leather for little feet. They are textured, with a flexible rubber sole which provides protection against slips or falls. No laces or any other extra decoration is there on shoes for the ultimate support and protection of child walk. We make colorful and playful shoes for babies. We provide hand-sewn shoes with extreme care and durability.

Pletuko deals in soft sole baby shoes. We believe that baby first walking shoes should be made with love, passion and dediction for proper baby feet development.
Some of designer infant boy hand crafted shoe styles at Pletuko on sale include Bobo – White and Blue, Bundy- green and black brown, Sky-blue and Teddy-brown. Bobo – White and Blue are a combination of blue and white shaded baby tennis shoes with treaded sole and without a soul lace. There is an allowance of 21.99 dollars on these shoes. Bundy green and white is other pair of shoes for infant boys at the same allowance. Green and brown color combination shades make shoes look smarter.

Sky-blue soft infant baby shoes for baby boys are brilliant in color and glow a lot. All these infant boys walking shoes are designed for outside as well as inside play. Laces are replaced by Velcro straps. Shoes have flexible sole.

Infant girls walking shoes on sale include nicky white, stella white, bella pink with blue and white strips and many more on a sale price of 21.99 dollars.
Our baby walking shoes are hand-sewn baby shoes on sole and top. This provides ultimate quality and durability to the shoes. For any of your question, comment or recommendation feel, free to visit our website anytime.

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