Baby Shoes: To Splurge or Not?

Everybody wants nothing but the best for their babies. If everybody can afford it, people would probably clothe their baby with gold from head to toe. But let’s face it, social status, budget, preference and the like plays a very important role in buying simple things like “leather baby shoes”. Yes, most parents make a huge mistake when it comes to buying stuff for their babies. They may have the best if intentions but the end does not justify the means all the time.

For “leather baby shoes” splurging is okay if you have the money. You can opt for big names in the industry as baby shoes are now manufactured by all sorts of companies; even big designers produce baby shoes for the babies of the rich and the famous. However, it must be noted that quality and use do not necessarily coincide with price. You can buy a very expensive shoe which may be useless for your baby as going barefoot is still the best way to deal with it. A very expensive baby hoe may be more of a liability instead of an asset as people who have it tend to focus on it all of the time, it may fall off and it may chip and many more.

While expensive “leather baby shoes” may not be that practical, it must be noted that a very cheap and hand me down baby shoes may not do good as well. Cheap shoes may be good for one time use only or worst, it may be mad of materials that can harm your baby’s developing feet. This is why finding a balance between the two is a must. Take your baby shopping with you, research for stores with good feedback and walk the extra mile when you are shopping for the best baby shoes for your little one.



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