Baby Shoes by Types

When it comes to shoes, there are shoes and shoes. This is the very reason as to why you do not grad the first “soft baby shoes” that you see on the shelf when you are out shopping for your baby shoes. Other than color, price and material, you also need to put into consideration the type of shoes that you are about to buy. Below is a list of the different types of shoes for the different types of activities that your baby engages in to.

For instance there are ankle boots if you are taking your baby out. While “soft baby shoes” may be perfect when they are still learning to walk, a baby who knows how to walk needs to have an ankle boot that gives his or her feet a chance to flex naturally as hindrance of movement can cause serious damage which will surely get in the way of your child’s foot development.

Another alternative for “soft baby shoes” are trainers. these types of shoes are perfect for playing outside though it must be noted that most if not all trainers tend to be overly “squishy” thus they are not that good when it comes to supporting your child’s feet so making your child wear it every single day is not that advisable.

For harsh weather like rain and snow, willies are a perfect way to protect your baby’s foot. Again, just like trainers they also offer no support for a child that learns the art of walking but it can be a perfect way to protect feet from getting wet and cold but remember to switch back to “soft baby shoes” when you are back indoors.

“Soft baby shoes” like booties are perfect as they are not only comfortably soft but they also offer the shoes a chance to wriggle freely thus giving the freedom to the feet that the other shoes can not give.

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