Baby girl’s shoes – Awesome Variety

Kids are vulnerable when they learn to walk because of the hardness of the surface and the effort they make to maintain balance. Traditional shoes are known to be very rough and stiff offering less space to the feet for the movement. Baby girl’s shoes are equipped with thin soles that can handle hard and slippery terrains without any hassles. One of the most important products is the infant pinky toddler consisting of textured fabric and hand sewn design captivating the imagination of parents. Majority of the shoes are approved by pediatricians reinstating the fact that they would last for a very long time.

For summer season, special shoes are available for the kids so that they can wear and enjoy the freedom of the movement.They are made for playing inside and outside as well. While purchasing the shoe parents should take precaution so that the feet wear exhibits quality and style. Budgeting is also an important factor; therefore people should logon to the websites and select the product according to their requirements and specifications.

It is a well known fact that online shopping has become very popular in recent times because people do not need to visit the neighborhood stores. They can sit at home and order products for delivery within a specified period of time. All the specifications and images are uploaded on the website. Therefore users do not face any issue while checking the size and quality of the product.

It is important to find the shoes that fit the best in the tiny feet.  The footwear must be equipped with lightweight material since it does not cause any discomfort to the kids. There should be space between the front portion and the toe of the kids. In past, many incidents pertaining to shoes have taken place causing problems to the child.

Parents are advised to consult doctors if the kids face any medical while wearing the shoes. One of the most interesting aspects of buying shoes indicates that footwear must be purchased in evening rather than morning because the feet are swollen at the end of the day, thereby increasing the size. Baby sandals for summer and winter will be extremely enticing for the bundle of joy and would go a long way in attracting the attention of the parents. Some people are ignorant about the discomfort caused to the kids due to the wrong choice of shoes. Such parents are advised to research blogs and other materials for gathering more information about soft footwear.

Toddler shoes: Providing comfort for the kids

The Toddler shoes are necessary for infants because they provide protection to legs while walking. One of the most interesting products is the lady bug which is made up of non toxic leather. It is a well known fact that bones of the toddlersare quite delicate and they need security to build strength in the legs. Sometimes parents try to reduce cost by looking to cut corners in terms of quality however it may cause problems in the long run.

Instead of a hard sole, the shoe should have a soft base but it must not be slippery lest causing injury in the long run.  Leather sole is \known to provide required traction to the toddlers preventing them from accidents. Fitness of a shoe is the primary concern along with durability. Upper portion of the sole is always soft providing a layer of cushion to the kids as they walk on a hard surface. While buying footwear, parent should ensure that it is spacious and provides breathing space to the feet as compared to the narrow design stifling the growth of the kids.

Although babies\can walk on some surfaces barefoot, they might require shoes for the rough ones. Therefore soles can come to the rescue of the feet by protecting them from slippage and injuries.  Caution is advised while selecting the shoes because if they are flexible the toddlers can kick and wiggle to strengthen the ankles and other body parts of the legs. Tight hard soles are known to limit the movement preventing development of the muscles.



Pletuko Baby Shoes – Product Review

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Sarah with an H: Pletuko Review

How to pick right baby shoes?

Choosing items for little baby specially for infants can be a difficult task. And if you are a first time parent, then it becomemore  difficult to decide items like shoes and mittens for the baby. As soon as baby start crawling and show interest in walking start searching for the right pair of baby shoes. Even if the baby is infant it become necessary to choose soft sole baby shoes to protect their tender heel and the foot. Putting baby shoes protect them from direct expose of the season as well.

Finding a girl baby shoes or a boy baby shoes of different size and style can be a difficult task, but with online baby accessories stores now it has become easier to pick items of your choice. While selecting baby shoes for your kids or for someone’s elsealways consider two factors, it should be safe for the baby and it should be comfortable.

Available in various fabrics, design and styles, these tiny baby shoes can improve your baby’s personality easily, watch your darling daughter taking her first step, help her in taking a steady step with right shoes choose shoes that offer maximumconvenience to their little foot.

Many young toddlers and infant find shoes annoying. Choose a shoe that allows the foot to breathe. It will keep their tiny feet cool and comfortable.  Try to choose a footwear that has abigger toe box , it not only helps with free movement, but it is also necessary for motor development and cognitivedevelopment as well.

Consider the  size and shape of a shoe before buying.  Shoes that are out of shape often cause slip and fall while walking and running. Pick shoes with non-slip sole for safe walk.

While selecting shoes, try to choose fabric or material that are washable and easy to clean. Secondly,the material used for crafting baby shoes must be skin friendly. Young toddlers are going to wear baby shoes for hours, make sure they are comfortable and happy in their shoes or else they feel irritated and tired.

Browse exclusive online kids shoe collection and pick stylish and comfortable baby shoes for boys and girls. You can pick afairy tale theme shoe or a superhero theme matching to their outfits. Compare a wide variety of shoes budget wise, brand wise or color wise and buy the best piece of girls baby shoes for your angel.

How to choose comfortable Baby shoes



Finding a pair of comfortable and stylish baby shoes can be a tough task for the parent. Choosing a right pair of shoes is not only essential for the perfect look, but it is also important for the baby’s health as well. Choosing a right size and shape of shoes keeps baby happy and healthy. Let our baby enjoy the little steps in the park. Select quality leather baby shoes from online store that let your baby’s feet breath while walking and running.Thanks to a wide collection of online baby shoes, now one can easily find shoes of their choice. Whether you want one for daily purpose or party wear, the online collection has it all for its customers.

Explore online baby shoe store and find little leather baby shoes. Available in wide range of colors and designs these shoes can be a real joy for your kids’ tiny steps.

While selecting shoes for baby, consider the size and shape of toe caps. A shoe with a pointed and narrow toe cap can cause discomfort

Pick pony pink baby boots for your little girl. These flexible soft rubber sole, slip resistant shoe and let your baby run freely with confidence.

While selecting shoes for toddlers, consider the size of heels. Heels can cause deformities in the ankle and pain in the foot.Recommended by the doctors, these boots can be a perfect choice for your little one. While choosing a shoe for toddler choose soft and flexible fabric.

Explore shop and help your kid in walking and running freely.

Pletuko Baby Leather Shoes-The Best Choice for Your Toddler

Well, it is a joy to watch the young one walk without any help from the parents. It is a vital period in which Baby leather shoes could help a lot to the parents.  Unlike similar products available in market, PLETUKO provides optimum comfort coupled with style. Shoes are exquisitely created with soft and cushy leather that helps the kids to walk seamlessly. Barefoot venture on the ground is extremely harmful to the kids; hence baby walking shoes are essential. The ensure top of the line hygiene apart from developing the walking skills of the kids.


If the shoes do not meet requirements, they can cause extreme discomfort to the children.  Buying from the company provides a guarantee for the quality of the item. Soft sole baby shoes have become very popular among the kids because they protect them from the shocks and other problems. Shoes are available in different shapes and sizes forcing the children to drool over them. They are attracted by the bright colors and interesting shapes of the foot wear that are considered as benchmarks of the comfort.

Prior to the purchase of the shoes, parents should spend some time in doing research because most of them think that leather foot wear is not good for their young ones. While the feet of kids are developing, it is better to buy shoes with soft sole. Good quality material ensures that foot wear is suitable to the feet even when it is sweaty. Since it is the question of the health of children, therefore one should not compromise on quality sighting price constraints.

Pletuko Baby Shoes-Review

Baby Need a New Pair of Shoes? Pletuko Baby Shoes are Sturdy and Stylish!

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pletuko baby shoes

This is Olivia sporting a new pair of Pletuko Baby Shoes! This girl is on the run all the time and she needs lightweight, supportive, and comfortable footwear. The bonus is these are super cute too!

Pletuko Baby Shoes are made from 100% non-toxic soft leather and are designed to support healthy feet development.  The soft textured, slip-resistant rubber sole allows for comfort and protection from whatever crazy surface those little feet are mastering. With a snug velcro strap, there’s no tripping over untied laces either!

pletuko baby shoes1

The quality materials and attention to detail make these shoes comfortable for baby’s feet. You can easily see the tight, even hand-sewn stitching around the edge of these shoes and the firm wrap of the velcro across the top of the foot. There’s no awkward movements to account for heavy or ill-fitting footwear. Olivia can keep right on going upstairs, downstairs, all around the house with these baby shoes. It’s obvious from watching her trek around that she’s completely unaware she’s even wearing shoes. She continues on her route without slowing down for thresholds, grooved tile, carpet, or throw rugs. She can faintly feel the solid surface beneathe her feet and is able accomodate her footing easily with these light, well-designed shoes on her feet.

Pletuko Baby Shoes offers a wide variety of different designs for both boys and girls. These adorable pink and white shoes are the Lady Bug and are priced at just $29.99! Without paying crazy prices, you can have the confidence that baby’s first walking shoes will offer the support and protection needed to help your little one get a solid footing with Pletuko Baby Shoes!

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Shoes To Make You Smille

As the famous English saying goes, ‘morning shows the day’, it is so true lets cull out why. It seems as if one day your little one is just learning to roll over – and the next they’re preparing to explore the world on their own two feet. Going from crawling to cruising, and finally mastering the art of walking unassisted is one of the biggest milestones in your baby’s outset year. This for sure is one of the most exciting and memorable moments for parents – and simultaneously the most stressful! Suddenly your child’s world is a lot more accessible, which takes baby-proofing and safety to a new level.

Baby Leather shoes with zipper

Baby Leather shoes

With the above in mind, there are times when barefoot isn’t best. Toddlers may spend time walking on tile or hardwood floors, where they will need some traction to keep from slipping and falling. Toddlers may also spend more time outside, where they may want to explore terrain that is less stable, such as uneven ground, concrete, or areas with sticks or rocks that may hurt the soles of their feet. While exploring in these conditions, it is appropriate for your new toddler to have flexible, protective footwear designed for the earliest stage of walking.

Baby shoes for walking

Baby Walking shoes

Before you head out and buy new baby walking shoes for your child, make sure he or she is ready to start taking on the world. Most babies need half a dozen weeks or more of practice before they begin to feel confident on their feet. During this period, its better if their walking be confined to safe, stable areas where they can work on their new skills and gain the confidence they will need to take on more challenging terrain in the weeks to come. As with all things, every baby is different, and no one knows their child better than mom and dad. Watch your child’s progress; when they seem to have mastered the first stage of balance and coordination, celebrate this great milestone with a trip to pick out their first pair of new baby walking shoes!
Shoes are meant to protect your baby’s feet, especially as she begins to walk outside, and don’t help her learn to walk any faster. In fact, especially if they aren’t flexible or don’t have non-skid soles, many baby shoes can actually make it harder for your baby to take her first steps.

So try to be the best parent possible so that when your child blossoms he/she blossoms to become agile. Hence, baby or baby girl footwear is so very important.

“A person is judged by the shoes he or she wears” – Famous English Saying


Baby Leather shoes high quality great comfort .

Probably, ‘the’ most important part of a baby’s wardrobe would be shoes. The famous English saying goes like this, ‘a person is judged by the shoes he or she wears’. Well, in case of babies it fits in even better. One, for starters it straightaway throws light on the kind of family you belong to. For example, if the baby is wearing a classical pair of shoes it reflects the taste of his or her parents. Hence, making shoes doubly important and significant.
So, making sure that the kids are wearing the right kind of shoes is important because healthy feet always symbolizes hygiene. In modern times, the competition is hot as there are scores of competitors locking horns in a direct market contest. This makes it easier for the customer to pick and choose. The quality will be good as the offerings are good. Good baby footwear’s are also important for the development of baby’s walking skills. Now-a-days most of the shoes try to have a cute factor attached with the design, as it lures the kids more. The basic motive of the manufacturers is to make kids drool over them. Shoes also come in shapes and sizes of animals like rabbit and others. Also, they have lighting effects which glitter and grab eyeballs. They also contain soles of various kinds to match your kid’s age.

Tips Transition Shoes

Rapid development is an understatement when it comes to describing your baby’s growth. Take the case of “leather baby shoes”, where most, if not all parents are worrying should the need to wear it arise. Remember that a shoe can make or break your child’s development, thus it is vital that one needs to choose right.

There are parents who:
are scared to buy shoes made of leather as they think the baby may outgrow it in a blink.
–  think leather is just not fit for babies so they tend to forget buying such things for their infants.
–  jump into the leather shoe wagon without thinking.

Most of the time, these types of parents are those who have the money, but not the time to do the research.

Leather baby shoes can be hard soled or soft soled. One of the most common mistakes people make when buying such of shoes is that they end up purchasing the wrong ones.  A lot of people think that all shoes made of leather have hard soles. What they do not know is that there are transitional shoes made of leather which are perfect for babies who are too young to wear hard-soled shoes.

If your baby’s feet is not yet that developed, it is best to purchase “leather baby shoes” with soft soles. They are not only good for the baby’s developing feet, but they also look good thus they are perfect to be used when out for a particular occasion. The material of the leather shoes needs to be breathable as the feet of your baby sweats a lot. If this sweat is accumulated in the shoe, it will cause infection and blisters which may hinder the fast development of your child’s walking skill.

How to choose the right baby shoes?

There are a lot of reasons as to why one needs to choose the properly “baby walking shoes”.  Considering the fact that a good baby shoe has numerous positive effects on the baby, it is but proper to walk the extra mile and go out of your way as a parent in ensuring that your child gets the best shoe possible.

It is important to look for a stiff sole. Unlike soft shoes where the principle of the more bendable the shoe, the better its performance will be, a stiff sole will ensure that your  baby gets to use good walking shoe that do not only support but protects them as well.

Materials are very important when it comes to “baby walking shoes. Considering the fact that a baby’s feet is very sweaty, it makes sense as to why choosing a shoe with good material is a must. Remember that your goal is to ensure that your baby’s feet are safe. As much as possible, be sure the materials are breathable that way sweats are easily dried off. Materials like mesh, soft leather and the like works best for baby shoes.

For first time parents who are starting at square one, the best way to end up with a good “baby walking shoes” is to do your research right. Make it a point to exhaust all resources possible. Ask your friends, inquire to your relatives, join forums and do not be shy to ask the salesperson about the details of the shoe that you are eyeing. If you are buying online, be sure to clarify shipping fees, returns and the like should there be issues on your part and the need to ship it back to the seller arises.

The No-Nos of Infant Shoes

The world of infant shoes is not as easy as it seems to be. Ask first time parents and they will surely have a thing or two to say about these types of shoes. There are stories about buying the wrong shoes, overspending on a purchase and worst, injuries brought about by these mistakes. To stop repeating these errors, below are the top 3 of the biggest no-nos when it comes to baby shoes:

No rushing of things

When it comes to “soft baby shoes”, there is no need to rush things. As much as possible, make it a point to wait for the time when your baby is in dire need to have shoes before making them wear one. Remember that your baby will develop their walking skills best by making them go barefoot and it’s not until 2 or 3 years later when the arch of their foot develops thus the need for sophisticated shoes is really not to be rushed about.

No used shoes please

Avoid used toddler shoes at all cost. They are not only hazardous to your child’s health, but they can also cause more trouble than blessing. While the idea of saving on the upfront cost of the shoe may sound very appealing, it must be noted that there are a lot of negative things that come along with used shoes, some of them include inherited foot problems and hindrance in foot development.

No settling for less

Do not ever make your baby settle for less, be it about “soft baby shoes” or not. Remember that they are the ones who will wear the shoes that you will buy, give them a voice in the purchase by taking them along with you when you are shopping you if you are into online purchases, make them choose what they want as they are most likely to pick lively colors and wacky designs.

Why used shoes are dangerous for your baby?

A person’s gait is similar to its fingerprint, no two are alike. You have your own unique gait in the same way that the person sitting next to you has its personal gait as well. However, there are times when one inherits another person’s foot issues, gait and all. This is due to the passing around of stuff like “Leather baby shoes” for reasons like saving or it’s just too precious to throw away. The catch about using used shoes is that the benefactor is more likely to receive not just the shoes but the problems that come along with it.

Poor Foot Development

This is one of the many downsides that come along with passing down “Leather baby shoes” from one baby to another. Used leather is not just the same as a new one as there is surely wear and tear caused by the previous wearer. This wear and tear, no matter how small it may seem will have big effects on the new user. Remember that the first 5 years of your baby’s life is the most crucial time for foot development as this is the moment when you child’s feet grow dramatically thus there will be a lot of physical changes and mental coping on how to use these changes to help your child take full advantage of their newly acquired skills.


Not all inheritances are good; there are inheritances where the receiver ends up on the losing end. Take the case of used “Leather baby shoes” where there is a great chance that the one who receives the shoes is more likely to receive the shoe problems that the previous user may have had. Saving is a good thing but if the saving of money means depriving your child of his or her right to reach the full potential of her foot development then it is a very unwise decision.

Things to know before buying first walking shoes

A purchase is a purchase regardless of the item that you are buying. Shopping is shopping whether you are buying “Baby walking shoes” or jewelry. Any responsible shopper knows for a fact that there are pointers that need to be checked in order to ensure that you get the best of what you are shopping for. Below are some of the major things that needs to be considered when shoe shopping for your little one:


Prior to buying any “first walking shoes”, take into consideration the fact that your child’s feet will no reach its full form until he or she reaches the age of 5. The first 5 years of your child’s life is when foot developing takes place where a simple mistake of making your child use footwear that is ill-fitted will surely have serious effects on the cartilages in your baby’s feet. As far as arches are concerned, parents need not be overly concerned about it as babies’ feet do not have one or at least not until they reach the age of 2 up t 3when they start to develop one.

The material of the first walking shoes is another major consideration as babies’ feet tend to perspire more that that of the adults. Matter of fact, studies show that a baby’s feet produces twice as much sweat as that of a regular adult feet. Breathable materials like natural leather, soft mesh and anti bacterial linings are your best bet when it comes to materials that are best for baby’s shoes.

Price is another factor though it is not as major as the first two. What you want me a baby shoe that is good quality. While some parents think that expensive automatically means good, there are times when quality comes at a cheap price as well. This is why researching for the best place to buy shoes is very helpful as it will surely help one in getting the right shoes at a right price.

Pletuko offers plenty of adorable styles of baby shoes for both boys and girls in “Originals” collection of Pletuko.

Shoe Shopping: What Every Parent Needs To Know

Having a baby is like riding a roller coaster. There are ups and downs, highs and lows with never ending supply of adrenaline. Parents in all parts of the world agree that the adrenaline rush brought about by parenting is its boon and bane. Big and little things can cause a stir in a parent’s life. Take the case of little acts like “Leather baby shoes” shopping where one simple mistake can cause a gigantic disaster. In line with this fact, it pays a lot to learn the basics of shoe shopping that way errors and mistakes are placed out of the picture.

Take Your Time

One of the most important aspects of “Leather baby shoes” shopping is time. Do not rush things as you need all the options that you can get your hands into. Remember that you are going to make a very important decision. It may not be as expensive as buying real estate but it does not make it lesser in terms of value as you will be ensuring the ability of your child to walk properly with a shoe that you are about to buy.

Know The Place

Another thing about “Leather baby shoes” buying is location. There is no need to force yourself to shop at a place that you are uncomfortable at. For instance, if you are the type of person who wants to see and feel the actual shoe before committing to buying it than going to an actual store is your best bet. In cases where one is just too busy to hit the store, giving online stores a go is your best option as you will save a lot of time by shopping virtually.

Sole Searching

The rules about soles vary depending on the shoes that you are shopping for. In case you are looking for “Leather baby shoes”, the rule is simple as the stiffer the sole the better it will be for your baby. Soft shoes on the other hand need to have extremely soft soles; they are the type of shoes that presents no issues when you are testing them via backward bends. Soles are the soul of the shoes as other parts of the shoes are not that important yet as the arch of your baby’s foot will not start to develop until they reach the age of three.

How to buy infant and toddler shoes

There are thing things that one needs to do when it comes to shopping for  walking toddler shoes. These three things are so simple and easy to perform that it will not take more than 5 minutes of any parent’s time, plus it is sure to result into something good as these three things will help you and your baby end up with a good shoe for you to buy and a god shoe for your baby to use.


This is the part of the “baby walking shoes” shopping guide where you look for the place to buy a shoe. It can be online or a real brick and mortar store. The moment that you are in the store, look for the shoe that suits your fancy and budget. Consider the color, the design and the likes as everything is your call since your baby is too young to make a choice.


After choosing the “baby walking shoes” that you are about to purchase, consider touching the shoe. Bend it backwards, bend it forward. Feel its material and better yet, make your child try out the shoes. If you are buying the shoe online, you can check for feedback from other people in the site. Also, there are those which upload videos of the shoes being handled. This will give you an idea about the strength of the “baby walking shoes” that you are about to buy.


After looking and touching the toddler shoes that you are about to purchase, you then decide what to buy. Remember that your goal is to buy a shoe that protects your baby’s feet, not restrict. Price is not equal to quality; there is no need to buy expensive ones if you did your research right you will surely come up with the right decision about your baby’s shoes.


The Truth about Used Shoes

A lot of people think that giving away ‘soft baby shoes” to relative who have new babies or to the newest member of the family is okay. Yes, the intention may be pure, the savings may be great but its effect may be dangerous. Considering the fact that different people have different feet, a baby needs to wear new shoes to fit them well. A hand me down baby shoe may not be a good idea as it already has its own form, there form of its previous owner and this form may not work well with the form of that of your baby’s feet.

Another reason as to why old “soft baby shoes” are not that great to pass around is due to its material. Most baby shoes tend to be very earth-friendly, they get old fast. The sole may not be that thick anymore, the softness may not be the same as it was when it was still new and these little things will surely have a big effect on your little one. As much as possible, make it a point to buy a new shoe for your baby. It does not have to be expensive, as baby’s do not know the difference between $1 and$100.

Considering how tough times are these days, it would be great to cut expenses on this and that. But as a responsible parent, be sure to never cut corners when it comes to the health and development of your baby. Anew” soft baby shoes” will serve as a good investment as it will not only last longer but it will protect and aid your baby as he learns to walk the walk and talk the talk.

Baby Shoes: To Splurge or Not?

Everybody wants nothing but the best for their babies. If everybody can afford it, people would probably clothe their baby with gold from head to toe. But let’s face it, social status, budget, preference and the like plays a very important role in buying simple things like “leather baby shoes”. Yes, most parents make a huge mistake when it comes to buying stuff for their babies. They may have the best if intentions but the end does not justify the means all the time.

For “leather baby shoes” splurging is okay if you have the money. You can opt for big names in the industry as baby shoes are now manufactured by all sorts of companies; even big designers produce baby shoes for the babies of the rich and the famous. However, it must be noted that quality and use do not necessarily coincide with price. You can buy a very expensive shoe which may be useless for your baby as going barefoot is still the best way to deal with it. A very expensive baby hoe may be more of a liability instead of an asset as people who have it tend to focus on it all of the time, it may fall off and it may chip and many more.

While expensive “leather baby shoes” may not be that practical, it must be noted that a very cheap and hand me down baby shoes may not do good as well. Cheap shoes may be good for one time use only or worst, it may be mad of materials that can harm your baby’s developing feet. This is why finding a balance between the two is a must. Take your baby shopping with you, research for stores with good feedback and walk the extra mile when you are shopping for the best baby shoes for your little one.



Frequency of Buying Baby Shoes

One of the many questions that most parents face when their babies enter into the world of walking is the frequency of  shopping walking shoes . The first part is where one decides what to buy, what type to pick, what color to choose and many more. However, it must be noted that it does not end there as the need to buy it gain and again will take place again and again. Yes, you may buy “soft baby shoes” that will last for say a year or two, but remember that outside factors like usage, working out, and losing it are just some of the many things that you and your child may face every now and then.

Check out your baby’s growth. Remember that there are baby’s whose growth speed is so fast to the point that parents need to buy “baby walking shoes” every month while there are those whose need to purchase walking shoes in a month or two. Losing shoes can be a real pain in the neck as frustrated parents go home with a single useless shoe. The losing of shoes can affect the frequency of shoe purchase as shoes are virtually useless if they do not have pairs. In line with this, buying secured baby shoes with straps and the like is the best way to battle the invisible thief that makes babies go home with just one shoe.

While households with a lot of babies may practice handing down of “baby walking shoes” for practical reasons, it must be noted that one baby’s feet is different from that of the other. An overused baby shoe, usually follows the form the baby who used it the most and if you pass it on to a new baby, there is a huge tendency that the baby who have inherited the old shoe will also inherit the issues, good or bad that the old baby have had.

Our collection of girls shoes and boys shoes.


Cleaning Tips for Babies Shoes

One of the best ways to lengthen the shelf life of your baby’s “soft baby shoes” is to care for it properly. Yes, there may be a lot of baby shoes out in the market but buying every now and then would be very impractical as some cost a lot and the other ones who are cheap may have price that will add up and in turn cost more.

The best way to clean your “soft baby shoes” would be to spot clean it using mild soap and a soft damp cloth. The detergent to be used must be mild as harsh chemicals, no matter how small the residue may be can cause serious damage to your child’s shoes and worst, feet.

However, there are times when the need for an over all cleaning arises as your baby may wonder off on extremely soily parts of the park or the scuffs and marks are just hard to remove. In cases like this, it would be best to machine wash the soft baby shoes. Place your washing machine in a delicate cycle mode with a mild detergent. Remember to do away from ironing or bleaching as it will cause marks and wrinkles that will damage the over all appearance of the shoes. If your child shoes are starting to lose its shape, inserting a soup spoon on the shoes is the best way to give the old shoe its new shape.

Another way to add shape to “soft baby shoes” is by adding white paper inside it. Make sure that the paper is soft enough and watch out if it is wet as it will surely affect your child’s foot. In terms of sole care, make it a point to check the worn out area every now and then and to brush or sandpaper these worn out areas to help restore it in its original state.

Don’ts and Dos of Baby Shoes

Shopping for “baby walking shoes” can be a stressful activity if you do not know where and how to start. First time parents find it difficult the most though it must be noted that not all repeat parents know the basic pointers when it comes to shoe shopping for their little ones. Neglecting the proper way of choosing your baby’s shoes is like crippling your precious child as a bad shoe can hinder them from walking properly.

For instance, DON’T think that all “baby walking shoes” are created equal. Remember that there is no standard sizing as a UK size may be different from that of an American size. DO make it a point to measure your child’s feet instead that way you get to determine the size by telling the seller what the exact measurement of the feet is.

DO make it point to have your child move around and walk away while trying on a new shoe. This will give you a clear idea as to how the performance of the shoe will be in the future when being used. DON”T stop at making them standard sit with the “baby walking shoes” on. Yes, the measurement maybe made when standing but comfort is determined by making your child walk a few paces and feel the shoe if it is the right one.

DON’T purchase synthetic materials for your “baby walking shoes”. Remember that man-made materials can be harmful on your baby’s skin. DO stick with natural materials as they are perfect for your child since they are not only breathable but they are also very soft and can easily be molded into your child’s feet.


Baby Shoes by Types

When it comes to shoes, there are shoes and shoes. This is the very reason as to why you do not grad the first “soft baby shoes” that you see on the shelf when you are out shopping for your baby shoes. Other than color, price and material, you also need to put into consideration the type of shoes that you are about to buy. Below is a list of the different types of shoes for the different types of activities that your baby engages in to.

For instance there are ankle boots if you are taking your baby out. While “soft baby shoes” may be perfect when they are still learning to walk, a baby who knows how to walk needs to have an ankle boot that gives his or her feet a chance to flex naturally as hindrance of movement can cause serious damage which will surely get in the way of your child’s foot development.

Another alternative for “soft baby shoes” are trainers. these types of shoes are perfect for playing outside though it must be noted that most if not all trainers tend to be overly “squishy” thus they are not that good when it comes to supporting your child’s feet so making your child wear it every single day is not that advisable.

For harsh weather like rain and snow, willies are a perfect way to protect your baby’s foot. Again, just like trainers they also offer no support for a child that learns the art of walking but it can be a perfect way to protect feet from getting wet and cold but remember to switch back to “soft baby shoes” when you are back indoors.

“Soft baby shoes” like booties are perfect as they are not only comfortably soft but they also offer the shoes a chance to wriggle freely thus giving the freedom to the feet that the other shoes can not give.

Stepping into the World of Baby Shoes

A new parent steps into the world of baby shoes in the same and almost at the same time that their child begins to step into the real world. A lot of parents, especially new ones do not know where to start as they are confused between “leather baby shoes”, knitted booties and plastic wellies. The sad thing about the misunderstanding the world of baby shoes is the fact that most parents do not bother in clarifying what they do not understand about the shoes of their babies. Considering the fact that shoes can get in the way of your child’s feet development, it is but proper for every parent to take some time and effort in educating themselves about baby shoes.

One of the best ways to learn about shoes, be it “leather baby shoes” or not is to ask other parents. Yes, your mom may have had you two or three decades ago but remember that technological advancements in the world of baby shoes can never beat practical experience. Ask your parents what shoes did they make you wear; ask them for tips and tricks that they used upon you as they know better. Yes, some information they may have may be obsolete but the basics are all the same after all, you were able to stand on your own two feet with their choice of shoes for you. Other than parents, asking friends, relatives and other people in your core group is the best way to get the best tip as their two cents worth are not biased.

Another way to get information about “leather baby shoes” and more is to ask the experts. Pediatricians, podiatrists, health bloggers, parenting bloggers and the like belong to this category. Considering how easy it is these days to connect with all sorts of people and how free information is available on the internet, it would not cause so much burden or bucks to compose a question and shoot it out to the expert concerned. It would be a great idea to mix and match the two so you can ask for tips from parents and friends and verify the efficacy and truthfulness of these gathered information to the experts that way you know the science behind it and whether it is a fact or a fallacy.


What the Doctors Say about Baby Shoes

Shopping for baby walking shoes can be frustrating if you constantly end up getting the wrong pair. This is why if you are new in the world of baby shoes, it would be of great help to base your decision on expert’s advice. For instance, doctors and podiatrists know the best for your baby’s developing foot and what better way to come up with a guide than by considering their advices first.

Flexibility is the key in choosing the right baby walking shoes. Doctors suggest that the sole of the shoe needs to be thick enough for full protection but it should be flexible enough to give your child’s foot a chance to move in the most natural way possible. When you are out shopping for a shoe, you can test its flexibility by bending it at the ball part. If its bends easily then you have found the shoe for your kid.

Another advice from the experts is to stick to baby walking shoes with non-slip soles. Remember that traction is very important, most especially on hardwood and tiled floors. This is why you need to check the sole’s texture first, find out if it gives enough traction by considering its materials. For instance, thin rubber, cowhides, suede and flexible rubbers are the best choice for non-slip soles.

Next pointer from the experts of foot development is that when buying baby walking shoes consider the size of its toe box. Your child’s feet are still very chubby and it needs to have an extra room for wiggling. A show with tight toe box area will hinder wiggling and worst, will squeeze your child’s toes causing bunions, allergies and deformities.

Doctors and other experts are one in suggesting that breathable materials are the best types of materials to choose when looking for baby walking shoes. What you want is a shoe that gives your child’s feet a chance to breathe freely that way, development of allergies from germs and such are placed out of the picture.

Measuring By Stages

The moment your child starts walking, the need to look for soft toddler shoes begins. Yes, going barefoot may be the best way to develop your child’s feet, but it must be noted that when your child starts to walk, protection against dirty floors, rough surfaces, hot pavement and the like is your main priority therefore making them wear shoes, soft shoes is your best bet.

One of the most important aspects of buying shoes is a measurement. Remember that your child is still on the process of learning the skills and a bad shoe can hinder the speed of the learning process. What you want is to get a shoe that looks good and feels good as well. While the best way to measure the feet is to make your btheaby stand straight where their weight is evenly distributed, there are times when one has to rely on charts. In cases like this, understanding the need of the baby along with the age can be your best weapon in getting the right shoe for your baby.

The first stage in your baby’s life is from birth to 6 months. This stage is known as the “Crib Stage”. At this point, the life of your kid is between your arms and the crib. You can alternate between soft baby shoes and barefoot at this stage since most of the walking will take place indoors. When going out, make them wear size 2 shoes which are not only soft but lightweight as well.

Next stage in a baby’s life is known as the “Crawling stage”. This stage is when babies need to wear soft and lightweight shoes with soles. It is like upgrading the “Crib Stage” shoes to a size a bit bigger with extra protection which comes in the form of a sole.

The moment your child enters the “Walking Stage” at the age of nine months up to three years, a stronger shoe is then needed though it must be noted that they must be as comfortable and breathable as that of the soft baby shoes. Durable shoes with breathable materials are the best choice for this stage of feet development.

Measuring Guide for Baby Shoes

From birth up to 3 years of age, your child’s body experience rapid development. Take the case of the feet where the growth is estimated to be at about half size in every two months. This rapid growth is both a boon and a bane as parents find themselves shopping for leather baby shoes time and time again. This is why getting the right measurement is essential as it can help make or break your baby shoe shopping. Getting the exact size of your child’s feet is equal to getting the right shoes for them. As a result, they will get shoes that will protect their feet without making them feel uncomfortable. Also it must be noted that getting the right fit means delaying unnecessary purchase of new shoes time and again as allowance and room for growth is part of its many benefits.

Whether you are buying regular baby shoes or leather baby shoes, the best way to measure your child’s foot would be to put socks on it first and measure it from one end up to the other end. Make sure that your child is not curling his toe as babies usually engage in toe-curling. To avoid this situation, it would be best to make you child stand straight that way his weight is on his feet. While there is a standard chart for sizing, remember that the chart of one manufacturer may not be exactly the same as that of the other. Thus it would be wise to present your the measurement of your child’s feet to the salesperson that way they can point you to the right shoes with the right fit for your baby.

If you are buying leather baby shoes as a gift or for a baby’s future use, it would be best to stick to the stages of development chart to help you in making a decision. For instance, the crib stage is when the child is from 0 to 6 months. At this time, soft shoes of about size 2 or less are the best. The crawling stage is when babies start to wear size 3 shoes with protective but soft soles. The walking stage is when they reach the age of 9 months to 3 years so breathable and durable baby shoes would be the best choice.

Walking Barefoot

Your baby’s feet are one of the most important parts of his or her body. This is why as a parent, you need to be very particular about the things that you use in that part as you may not know it but you are the culprit behind your child’s walking problems. Remember that there are times when your child’s development is haunted by trauma, bad experience and the like. Your child may be hesitant to walk because of his bad experience with a bad baby walking shoes which of course is not your intention.

A clear understanding of the world of baby walking shoes will definitely be of great help to any parent who wants nothing but the best for his or her baby. For instance, you need to know that a good shoe is the best alternative to going barefoot. Your child’s developing foot needs to be naked at all times. But in cases where you need to go out: factors like the heat, rough surface and such may require you to put a cover on your child’s feet.

The fit to the feet of the baby walking shoes is very important. You do not simply buy what the salesperson presents to you. You do your own research; you measure your baby’s feet and the like in order for you to be confident in your purchase and for your baby to end up happy with it. Bright colors will be of great help too as your baby will surely be attracted to bright colors, cartoon styles and the like.

Flexibility is another important thing that must be put into the picture. What you want is a flexible baby walking shoes that flexes and bends along with your baby’s foot. At this critical point in your child’s development, making sure that the shoes that they are using are not only attractive or nicely priced but must be very flexible too.

Caring For Your Child’s Growing Feet

At the age of 0 to 3 years, your child’s feet are constantly developing. The development is very rapid as soft baby shoes that you bought a month ago may not fit your baby’s feet any longer. Considering how important the development process is, it is but proper that you go out of your way as a parent in assisting your child and in ensuring that their precious feet gets to develop in the best possible way. Below are some of the tips to help in the development of baby’s feet:

Size matters in the world of soft baby shoes. Do not buy shoes which are too big or too small for your baby as it will surely have bad effect on their developing feet. As much as possible, buy shoes that fit right and it must be noted that in measuring a shoe that fits right, inserting a finger or two at the heel part is your best bet in landing at a good shoe that fits properly.

Another thing about soft baby shoes is that you can not pass them on to another child. A used baby shoe will not be as good as the new one. Remember that each baby has its own unique feet, considering the fact that the feet is still developing, making your baby use a hand me down or a used baby shoe will affect your child’s feet development where it could at times hinder it.

As far as socks are concerned, make it a point to purchase socks that fit well with your baby soft shoes. If the socks that you buy are too big, the cramped socks will surely affect your baby’s walking skills. If it is too small, it might not do its purpose of protecting your child’s feet well and it may even cause blisters and the like. You would not want to your child to associate the time of learning to walk with feet problems as it will surely have a huge negative effect to that of your child’s walking development

Selecting Shoes: Guide in Buying Baby Shoes

Buying leather baby shoes is a very challenging task for new parents who do not know where and how to start. Deciding can be daunting and sometimes, wrong choice can mean harm to your child’s feet. In line with this fact, below are the guidelines that would make any parent, old or new understand the basics of shoe shopping for their little ones.


Cute booties for a newborn is okay but buying baby leather shoes for a child who does not even know how to walk yet is a big no-no. Remember that your child learns best about walking by going barefoot.  The next best thing to going barefoot is making him wear comfortable shoes but not when your baby does not know how to use it yet.


This is another aspect of leather baby shoes buying that makes parents worry. The best solution in getting the right size of shoes for your baby would be to bring them along while you go shopping. Make your baby try the shoes and insert a finger on the heel part as the extra space will allow extra room for growth as your baby’s feet is continuously developing.


In the first 3 years of your kid’s life, feet development is very rapid. Matter of fact, growth is estimated to be at half-size in every couple of months. In line with this, it would be best to check your baby’s feet every now and then. Also, you can opt to buy inexpensive leather baby shoes but of high quality as your baby will surely outgrow the new shoe in a month or two.

Other than these three, there are a lot more of factors to be considered when looking for leather baby shoes. For instance, your preferences comes into the picture in the same way that your budget and the like. This is why buying shoes should never be taken for granted as this is as huge as buying a real estate or a car, after all it is for your baby.

The best way of Cleaning Baby Walking Shoes

Buying baby walking shoes is just one part of the job, another part is maintaining it. Most parents buy cheap shoes as they are easy to replace. But this is a wrong idea as cheap baby shoes can be very harmful to your child’s developing feet. Investing in a good baby shoes is the best way to go as you get to ensure your child’s safety and development without burning a big hole in your pocket as the need to replace it will not arise anytime soon.

The first step in cleaning leather baby walking shoes is by thoroughly wiping it or brushing it with a soft cotton cloth. Make it a point to brush vigorously to ensure that dust, debris and grime are loosened. Shake off the dust by gently tapping the shoes into each other.

Next step in cleaning baby walking shoes would be to pour olive oil in the specific part of the shoe that needs conditioning. Using your finger, work the oil in the area that way the damaged part will absorb the oil. It would be best if you bend the shoe to make sure that its pores open up thus giving the oil a better chance to penetrate in the damaged area.

Set the shoes aside for half an hour. After that, wipe off the excess olive oil with another cotton cloth. Then, apply a leather cleaning solution in your baby walking shoes. You can buy an over the counter solution or you can create one by combining water, olive oil, essential oils, castile soap and grape fruit seed extract in a small spray bottle. Carefully spray the solution in the shoes and wipe it again like in the first two steps with the olive oil. Save this home made solution as you can use it for your other leather items.

The Best Barefoot Alternative

Going barefoot is the best way to help your child develop his or her feet.  There is no better way to work on balance, grip and the like than by making your child walk on the floor with nothing but his or her feet to touch the ground. However it must be noted that making your child go barefoot is not always possible as there are times when weather, surface and other factors may have to be considered first prior to the development of your child’s feet. This is where the role of soft baby shoes come in as they serve as the best alternative in cases when your child going barefoot is not just possible.

If your are indoors, making your child go barefoot is highly preferable but in cases where the weather is too hot or too cold, you need to ensure that your child’s feet are duly protected and this is where the usage of soft baby shoes comes into the picture as these types of shoes will ensure that your child’s feet are protected without causing a major hindrance in its development. Another factor that needs to be considered would be surface of the area where your child walks on. Make sure that it is not too slippery or too rough as both cases will surely cause an accident considering that your child’s balance is not yet at its advanced state.

Finding a balance between going barefoot and making your child wear shoes is important as it will help make or break your child’s feet’s development. You do not want your children’s feet to be underdeveloped in the same way that you do not want it to contact allergies and stuff. This balance comes in the form of soft baby shoes as they help your child walk well, breathe well and protect them really well.

Why Choose Leather Shoes For Babies

Children’s feet begin to develop from birth until 18 years after. This is why leather baby shoes are the best choice for shoes to use in your child’s developing feet. It is not until your child reaches adulthood that the 126 bones in the feet become fully developed. In line with this, choosing the right kind of footwear is like giving your child a good educational plan as it will surely be of great help when the need to stand on one’s feet arises, literally that is.

The reason why one ought to choose leather baby shoes is its flexibility. As a developing foot, it needs to have the ability to flex freely that way your child’s weight is evenly spread out which makes proper balance ensured.

When looking for the right leather baby shoes, make sure that it is made out of natural materials as synthetic fabric will not be as good.  Natural materials are breathable and flexible thus it allows easy movement and will not in any way cause harm, allergies and the like to your precious one’s feet.

Another reason as to why leather baby shoes are also good for your baby’s feet are due to the traction that it provides.  The leather bottom part does its part in giving the exact amount of traction needed by your child as a hard rubber soled shoe will most probably stick to the ground and may hinder your child’s walking skill.

Other than these three, there are a lot more of reasons as to why leather baby shoes are the best types of shoes to use for your baby. Yes, they may cost more than the usually cheap but equally harmful rubber soled shoes but with soft-soled leather shoes, you can be sure that your baby’s feet gets to develop in the best way possible.

New Styles from Pletuko Baby Shoes

Things To Remember When Shopping for Baby Clothes and Baby Shoes

Getting your child the appropriate clothing definitely be something that you look to do if you are looking out for their best interest. There are many different types of baby clothing out there, and you really need to be looking at all of the options so that you can come up with one that is going to suit you the best. A few of the different types of baby clothing that you should be looking after your toddler or infant include;

Baby Shoes

Many parents forgo the purchase of baby shoes, which is not really something that I would recommend. Your baby needs to protect its feet as well, and the best thing you can do in order to do this is to get them a solid looking pair of shoes. Most large brands out there are going to have baby shoes for purchase, however not all of them are going to offer them at a reasonable price. There are also a number of baby shoes companies that offer shoes, specifically for babies, but are not well known brands outside of the baby close. There are many things to take into account. First of all, is the toddler going to be walking? If he is, then you may want to look to get shoes that are going to be comfortable to stand and walk in. Your child might not be able to accurately let you know if issues are bothering him, so it is important that you find some that fit, but perhaps go a little bit larger than you normally would on the size to be sure that he is going to be comfortable. I would recommend that you check out Pletuko Baby Shoes – The Story if you are interested in learning about some high quality baby shoes.

Shirts and Pants

Finding the right shirts and pants for your child should be relatively simple. Try to find shirts and pants that are going to fit, but fit loosely. You want your child to be able to move around, and also feel good about being free. Try to find shirts and pants that match their gender, and if they are able to give you any signs about what they like to wear the most, then you should try to heed their advice. Shirts and pants are important for any child. Although most others are not really interested in what they will be wearing, the right shirts and pants that fit well can help them to be more active, and comfortably move around, which should always be something that you are looking for.

When looking for shirts and pants, you need to find an excellent, number of loose fitting pants and shirts that are going to allow your child to move around with ease. You should also be looking at the baby shoes that are available, to find the ones that are going to be comfortable to wear, as well as walk in if that’s something that they will be doing in the near future.

If you are looking for Baby Shoes, I recommend looking at Pletuko Baby Shoes

Baby Walking Shoes for Your Boy or Girl

A major milestone in your child’s life is walking. Along with this milestone comes the need to procure baby walking shoes. As your child is still on the process of learning how to use their feet it is important to make sure that you pick the most comfortable and supportive types.

Considering that your child will be wearing their baby walking shoes most if not all of the time, it is but proper to pick the one with the right kind of color. You don’t want your child to look like a Christmas tree or a quilt due to clashing colors in their day to day outfit.

The color of your child’s outfit needs to match with the color of the baby walking shoes that you will make them wear. If you are unsure of your picking power, you can consult the color wheel and use the different color schemes. For instance, complementary color scheme make means red and green are opposites in the color wheel thus they are complementary with each other. There are other color schemes that you use, you imagination and creativity is the limit.

Leather Baby Shoes – The Right Choice

Looking for the right kind of leather baby shoes does not only mean you end up with something that is comfortable for your baby’s feet but it also means you end up with the right color. You don’t want your child to look weird or funny due to mismatch colors and the like.

The rule of thumb is simple, masculine colors like blue are for boys and feminine colors such as pink are for girls. Neutral colors on the other hand can be worn by both boys and girls. These days, leather baby shoes come in different shapes and colors. Whether you choose to shop online or at an actual store, you are sure to find the shoes with the right kind of material and color that can make your baby look better.

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The Many Benefits of Buying Leather Baby Shoes via the Internet

Are you interested in buying Leather Baby Shoes? You are not alone. This is something that more and more parents are looking into. There are many reasons why these types of shoes are becoming so popular throughout the world. Once you realize the benefits and check out a few of your options, you will soon find that you are well on your way to making a purchase sometime in the very near future.
The main benefit of buying leather baby shoes is that these are very durable. When you buy shoes that are made from leather, you can be rest assured that they are going to last a very long time. In other words, you should expect your baby to outgrow the shoes before they actually become worn out. You will probably find yourself handing these shoes down to somebody else or selling them to make back some of your money.
Did you know that leather baby shoes are also very comfortable? You may not realize this by looking at them, but you can expect that these shoes will feel good on your child’s feet – this is something that you should always keep in mind. After all, you don’t want to buy any shoes (or other types of clothing) that is going to make your baby uncomfortable.
Of course, the style of leather baby shoes is something that you are sure to fall in love with. Your child, boy or girl, is going to look good when wearing these. If this is something that is important to you, you are in luck.
What about the selection? This alone is one of the many reasons why so many people are buying leather baby shoes. If you begin to shop online, you will soon find that you have quite a few options – some of which are going to be just what you have been looking for.
It would be in your best interest to shop online for leather baby shoes. This gives you the chance to not only find what you are looking for, but to make a buying decision that is going to suit your budget. After all, you don’t want to spend more at a local store than you have to. You might as well shop online if it means that you are able to save money, while still comparing many options.
When the time comes to shop for baby shoes, you should keep an open mind. The more you learn about the market and what is available the better off you are going to be. You may find many other types of shoes, but none are going to be as cool as those that are made of leather.
No matter if you are shopping for baby walking shoes for boys and girls or something else, when you go online you are never going to come up short. There are so many options that you know you are going to get what you want, when you want it. What more could you ask for?

Choose the right pair of walking shoes for your baby with our online services

Shoes are the primary concern when a baby begins to walk. They offer support to baby’s tender feet. It is necessary to be watchful for the parents while purchasing footwear for the first walk of their baby. They should purchase baby walking shoes recommended by pediatricians. While walking on the ground, sole for shoes should not let them slip and provide a gentle and comfortable base beyond. The shoe must be soft textured supported by a rubber sole with flexibility. It should be playful and colorful.

Pletuko Baby Walking Shoes are made up of soft, non-toxic and genuine leather for little feet. They are textured, with a flexible rubber sole which provides protection against slips or falls. No laces or any other extra decoration is there on shoes for the ultimate support and protection of child walk. We make colorful and playful shoes for babies. We provide hand-sewn shoes with extreme care and durability.

Pletuko deals in soft sole baby shoes. We believe that baby first walking shoes should be made with love, passion and dediction for proper baby feet development.
Some of designer infant boy hand crafted shoe styles at Pletuko on sale include Bobo – White and Blue, Bundy- green and black brown, Sky-blue and Teddy-brown. Bobo – White and Blue are a combination of blue and white shaded baby tennis shoes with treaded sole and without a soul lace. There is an allowance of 21.99 dollars on these shoes. Bundy green and white is other pair of shoes for infant boys at the same allowance. Green and brown color combination shades make shoes look smarter.

Sky-blue soft infant baby shoes for baby boys are brilliant in color and glow a lot. All these infant boys walking shoes are designed for outside as well as inside play. Laces are replaced by Velcro straps. Shoes have flexible sole.

Infant girls walking shoes on sale include nicky white, stella white, bella pink with blue and white strips and many more on a sale price of 21.99 dollars.
Our baby walking shoes are hand-sewn baby shoes on sole and top. This provides ultimate quality and durability to the shoes. For any of your question, comment or recommendation feel, free to visit our website anytime.

Order for the most comfortable footwear for your infants online

Purchasing footwear for your baby’s first walk requires your sincere concern. You should be careful about the comfort and quality of his footwear. To make your baby’s first walk memorable you need to provide him a passionate, caring and suitable baby walking shoe. Your care would make his journey strong. Make your baby’s first walking steps amazing with a right pair of shoes.

Top baby walking shoes are made of soft and non toxic genuine leather. They are textured, flexible and made up of soft rubber sole to avoid slips and falls. They do not include any fancy such as laces. Such a design is to save infants from any accidents. They should be colorful and playful. They are properly hand-sewn and are quite durable. Most importantly, they are approved and recommended by pediatricians.

Soft leather clothed shoes are not the proper footwear choice for your baby. To protect his legs from sharp objects, you should provide him footwear with rubber sole. Such footwear is not only flexible, but also comfortable to walk. Baby walking shoes came into the US market first time in 2006 and now their online stores have conquered with their world’s best baby walking shoes.

Their online baby shoe stores consists both designer walking shoes for infant boy and girl on sale. Some of designer infant boy hand crafted shoe styles on sale include Bobo – White and Blue, Bundy- green and black brown, Sky-blue and Teddy-brown. Bobo – White and Blue are a combination of blue and white shaded baby tennis shoes with treaded sole and without a soul lace. There is an allowance of 21.99 dollars on these shoes. Bundy green and white is other pair of shoes for infant boys at the same allowance. Green and brown color combination shades make shoes look smarter. Sky-blue soft infant baby shoes for baby boys are brilliant in color and glow a lot. All these infant boys walking shoes are designed for outside as well as inside play. Laces are replaced by Velcro straps. Shoes have flexible sole. Infant girls walking shoes on sale include nicky white, stella white, bella pink with blue and white strips and many more on a sale price of 21.99 dollars.

Their shoes are hand sewn quality soft baby shoes that offer safety and comfort. Caring for their softness requires washing with cold water and a little detergent and damp cloth. After washing is over, the shoes must be shaped correctly any let air-dried in sunlight or indoor.

Walking shoes for babies are available in diverse fashionable styles for boys and girls. You can visit their website and contact them directly for your doubts and queries.   


Let Your Kids Enjoy To the Fullest With Baby Toddler Shoes

Are you looking for the right kind of shoes for your tiny tots in order to ease them while they are in the process of learning to walk? If yes is your answer then read the following since it will arm you with detailed and authentic information which will do wonders for you? Parents are naturally excited when it comes to do shopping for their tiny tots in the form of clothes, toys and other items for their children. One of the things which require great introspection is the shoes Baby toddler shoes have to be quite comfortable and should be of the highest quality as well. Hence they do not leave any stone unturned in giving their children the best among the rest. After all, if their children walk barefoot, then due to their tender age, they might easily get hurt. Often at times, the floor is slippery or there are different sorts of unwanted and harmful materials in the form of dirty gum, broken glass and others scattered every where. However, Toddler boy shoes are going to give your boy great reason to do all sorts of naughtiness without worrying about any thing. After all, these shoes provide an enhanced protection layer which protects the little feet in the best way.

Soft sole baby shoes create better balance to your tiny tots. The leather is quite soft hence babies have an awesome feeling as well.  Now your babies will not face any difficulty while learning how to walk as they are going to learn naturally in an easy way as well. These are the shoes which should be worn for at least three months while they are learning how to walk.

Now it will not be a daunting task to choose the right and proper shoes for your tiny tots. Baby toddler shoes have enough room in them which does not hinder the natural moment of toes so that they do not create problems for themselves. These shoes are flexible and soft and it comes with sole which are non-slippery as well. You have to keep in mind that the sole should not be too thick which might even create inconvenience to the babies. If the material is breathable and soft then it will ensure that the soft and little feet of the babies are protected in an enhanced way as well. Toddler boy shoes need to be sturdy and soft as toddlers start to walk. They should not have very high sole or else it will give inconvenience to them. After all, since toddlers are learning to walk, hence they should get a great pair of conducive shoes which will do wonders for their lives.


The toddling steps and the cute shoes designs for your kids

Baby shoes are cute to look at, fun to buy, and imagine how loving he or she will look in those shoes in different designs and sizes. It is difficult to get Baby shoe size chart for all the sizes for a particular brand because of the speciality.Today to your great advantage internet is at your fingertips, it’s now possible to buy baby shoes from all over the world. However, when you begin buying shoes from around the globe, you need to be sure that you adapt to the size correctly to ensure the perfect fit. You can always take a printout of the chart and pop it in your purse the next time you go shopping for baby shoes. You will come across necessary details at
It is the time to shop for some baby shoes when you find your baby walking, more than ever; there are extremely cute options for baby shoes available, from lots of brands in many diverse price ranges. Before you buy, though, singularly keep in mind that babies will find plenty of things to trip over, so be sure their shoes aren’t part of the problem! There are times, though, when it’s unsafe or just plain gross for baby to go barefoot, so it’s a first-rate idea to have at least one pair of shoes available once your baby is formally on the move. It is significant to be particular about Baby shoe sizing chart and you should consider that In addition to cuteness, baby shoes should be very soft, and they should have supple soles so that baby can use his or her feet properly for balance. Non-skid bottoms are sometimes good idea, but remember that baby won’t be scaling mountains, make sure they’re still very flexible around the ankles, so your baby’s movement isn’t restricted.
You can have access to wide range of cute and sweet bay shoes in the land based outlets but you definitely get more extensive range and other advantages with respect to Online baby shoe store. You get stylish baby shoes with soft soles for babies and Soft leather with suede soles. You can comfortably choose from Padded cotton, Fleece or velour style, Canvas and Traditional knitted. You please visit/ for authentic detail.
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Baby Shoes made of leather

Your child is not going to wear their leather baby shoes forever. As a matter of fact, the shelf life of these types of shoes is so short unless you have a new baby in the family. Giving it away to other people means departing with it forever but leaving them on the attic is as good as throwing them away.

Bronzing your leather baby shoes is the best solution to this problem. Yes, they may not be wearable again but at least you get to keep them, display them or show them to your baby when theyâre old enough. There are two ways to bronze shoes; first one is by going to a shop that does bronzing. They will use chemicals to professionally electroplate the shoes. Another way to do it is by DIY method.

Whether you choose to bronze leather baby shoes professionally or by yourself, the result will be worth the effort. Ten or 20 years from now, you will think of it as one of the best things you ever did as you were able to keep the shoes where your child took his or her first steps.

Shoes for your little ones

A recent research discovered that about 90% of children are wearing shoes which are too small for their feet. Whether its soft baby shoes or toddler rubber shoes, most parents just can not seem to keep up with the constant growth and development of their childrenâs feet.

There are three things that parents need to do in order to buy the right size of soft baby shoes for your babies. First and most important of all is to check the size of your babyâs feet regularly. Considering the fact your child is developing rapidly, you need to check the size of their feet every now and then. If you spot redness, irritation and the like, it is probably due to the small shoes that you make your child wear.

Cleaning Soft Leather Baby Shoes

Most parents think of cleaning baby soft shoes as a great endeavour. Considering that fact that these types of shoes play a very important role in honing your child’s  motor skills, it is but proper to clean and wash them in the most appropriate way possible. Below are tips that are sure to make the task of washing baby soft shoes easier and faster.

Clean the outer area of your baby soft shoes using a mild detergent. Use a clean damp cloth and gently rub off the surface to get rid of dirt, scratches, stains or spills.

For the inner sole of the shoes, running water, damp cloth and the mild detergent will help you rub the soles of the shoes and eventually remove dirt and stuff that your child may have stepped in.

If you prefer machine wash, just make sure it is on a gentle cycle. But you need to take note that constant machine wash may cause damage or shorten the life of your baby soft shoes. But if it is just occasional machine washing of these shoes, no serious damage can be done at all.

If you want to speed up the drying process of your baby soft shoes, stuff it with paper towels or simply air dry it.

How to clean Soft Soled Baby Shoes

Most parents think of cleaning baby soft shoes as a great endeavour. Considering that fact that these types of shoes play a very important role in honing your child’s  motor skills, it is but proper to clean and wash them in the most appropriate way possible. Below are tips that are sure to make the task of washing baby soft shoes easier and faster.

Clean the outer area of your baby soft shoes using a mild detergent. Use a clean damp cloth and gently rub off the surface to get rid of dirt, scratches, stains or spills.

For the inner sole of the shoes, running water, damp cloth and the mild detergent will help you rub the soles of the shoes and eventually remove dirt and stuff that your child may have stepped in.

If you prefer machine wash, just make sure it is on a gentle cycle. But you need to take note that constant machine wash may cause damage or shorten the life of your baby soft shoes. But if it is just occasional machine washing of these shoes, no serious damage can be done at all.

If you want to speed up the drying process of your baby soft shoes, stuff it with paper towels or simply air dry it.

The demand for easily cleaned baby soft shoes is carefully considered by Pletuko Baby Shoes. Each and every pair is made out of carefully chosen natural materials that are sure to be comfortable and safe for your baby’s tender foot as well as easy for you to clean.

Baby Leather Shoes- How to Care

Picking the right kind of baby leather shoes is not just enough. The moment you take home the shoes that you decided to buy, your responsibility to care for it begins. Your goal in caring for your baby’s shoes is not just to make them look good but rather to be able to preserve and lengthen its life. It does not matter whether the baby shoes that you bought is expensive or not, the point is to double your child’s ability to use and reuse the leather shoes that you bought and well-cared for.

Just like any other type of leather, even baby leather shoes are prone to drying out and cracks if not well taken care of. It does not matter whether it is cheap leather or not, caring for it is easy and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you exert extra effort in taking care of your leather shoes, you are sure to get more than you actually paid for.

Leather cleaners from local shoe stores can help in removing scuffs on your baby leather shoes. Other than what you can buy over the counter, another option that you can use in getting rid of scuff marks is by using mineral oil. Simply put a small amount of the said oil on a clean and soft cloth and rub it on the scuffed area of the baby leather shoes. Use light pressure until the scuff mark is completely gone.

Now that scuff marks are gone, your next task is to shine your baby leather shoes. You can use regular shoe polisher on this part or you can also use furniture polish as it can help in making your baby’s shoes shiny and waterproof.

These days, caring for items that you purchased is the best way to economize. You don’t want to spend your hard earned cash on baby shoes whose quality is below par. With Pletuko Baby Shoes, you can be assured about the quality of the materials used in every shoes produced. Hand-made and natural materials are carefully picked coupled with the comfort of your child’s feet in mind is what we do with every shoe that we offer you. The effort that you spend in buying and caring for Pletuko Baby Leather Shoes worth every penny and energy as you will see amazing results in the shoe and in your child’s feet too.

Soft Leather Baby Shoes

Looking and picking the right kind of baby soft shoes can be very challenging most especially for new parents. There are a lot of shoes to choose from as they come in different colour, shapes, design and price.  These factors play a vital role in helping you reach a decision as to whether you would buy this or that baby shoes or not.

Since your baby is just on the process of learning to use their feet, baby soft shoes that are lightweight are suggested. A very heavy shoe for your baby may be difficult for them to handle. You goal is to find baby shoes that will help them take baby steps using their baby strength. What you think is too light for them may actually not be that light for them. So make sure you consider the materials used in constructing the baby shoes that you are eyeing.

There are more than 250,000 sweat glands in the feet that excrete moisture of up to one pint per day. In line with this huge amount of sweat glands, natural and breathable materials are the best way to go. If you choose baby soft shoes that are made out of natural materials, you do not only help the environment but you can also be assured that the shoes will be hypoallergenic thus you lessen the chance of your child picking out athlete’s foot and other foot related allergies in relation to over sweating.

Another important aspect of baby soft shoes is its soles. Be sure to pick out shoes that have flexible soles as babies can be very active. A flexible sole means it can catch up with each and every movement that your baby will make as they wear the shoes. Another factor that must be considered is the soles ability to be shock absorbent. A shock absorbent sole means reduced chance of slipping. Considering that babies who are learning how to walk may slip every now and then, safety of your child is best protected with a shock absorbent sole.

Parents, whether new or old in the world of baby care only wants one thing: that is to provide for every needs of their children and as for the need of the developing feet of their children, Pletuko Baby Shoes is aimed to help them do this. Materials used in making  baby soft shoes of Pletuko is made of natural and hypoallergenic materials that is sure to protect your babies feet without causing deformation or allergies.

Soft Soled Baby Shoes

Experts in the field of baby care all agree on the advantages brought about by soft soled baby shoes.   These types of shoes for the toddlers do not only permit the natural development of foot muscles, but it also trains the feet to be strong which in turn speeds up the child’s ability to naturally walk.

Another advantage of letting your babies wear soft shoes is that it offers protection from rough and dirty surfaces as well as hot and cold temperatures.
The importance of  soft soled shoes is out of question as everybody wants nothing but the best for their infants. But this does not mean that you automatically buy the first baby shoes that you set your eyes upon in the store. There are things that you need to consider first before buying shoes that will play a major role in your child’s first few steps.

The first thing that you need to consider when picking out soft soled baby shoes is the materials used in it. Check whether it is made of flexible, breathable and soft materials. Bending the shoes to test its flexibility can help you determine whether or not it is what it claims to be.

When it comes to soft soled baby shoes you need the ones which are easy as pie to put on but as hard as math for your child to take off. To avoid a vast collection of a single and pair-less baby shoes, you need to look for baby shoes that have Velcro fasteners or Magic tape slips.

To do away from Athlete’s foot, pick soft soled baby shoes that has an absorbent in-sole. Remember that baby’s feet can be very sweaty, but if you pick an absorbent and breathable insole for your baby’s shoes, you will lessen the risk of Athlete’s foot for your child along other allergies brought about by excessive foot sweating.

In line with these considerations, Pletuko`s infant Shoes are guaranteed to help your child move and flex their tender feet freely. It also gives optimum protection to your child’s feet as they take their first steps in this world.  With our shoes, we can guarantee you and skid resistant, fashionable and breathable baby soft shoes at a very reasonable price.

The benefits of soft-sole shoes for toddlers

Pediatricians recommend flexible leather shoes for babies and toddlers because they enable feet to grow naturally. Soft-sole leather baby shoes help muscles and strength in the feet develop properly. They allow a baby to grasp the floor and gain a sense of balance. The leather shoes are flexible, durable, and provide safer walking for your toddler.

Many parents claim their babies trip when wearing traditional walking shoes, but not with soft-sole leather shoes since they’re not at all chunky.

Soft sole baby leather shoes provide protection for babies’ feet. The shoes combine  the freedom of being barefoot with the stability and friction of footwear. Pediatricians recommend children go barefoot as much as possible up to two years of age, but as beneficial as this may be, it isn’t always practical. Soft-sole leather baby shoes combine the best of both worlds. They protect feet from the cold and other elements without compromising natural barefoot flexibility.

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Review of Pletuko shoes

When I was a new mom I found myself overly obsessed with everything to protect my new baby. Organic foods, chlorine free diapers, clothing without crazy bans on their inks! As time passed, I eased up a bit, but one thing that I never let go of was protecting my baby’s feet. Both with my son, then 2 years after for my new daughter, I researched and spent a small fortune on shoes I knew would both protect my baby’s feet and preserve their natural arch and of course be fashionable!

There are many kinds of leather baby shoes, but unfortunately the affordable ones tend to be poorly constructed and for lack of a better word “cheap”, all around.

The amazingly great thing about Pletuko leather toddler shoes is they are all you need to protect your baby’s feet without going broke and sacrificing that bit of style that you’ve started to pass on to your new little walkers.

Guest Blogger – Nicole Pereira